Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips For Game

Dragon ball z Dokkan Battle is an action free to play a game, played by a lot of gamers around the world. This game reminds the old Saga game Dragon Ball Z, a very popular Tv series maybe you remind. Dokkan Battle appear to be same as the old version of the game, the story and the characters are keeping in the modern game. This is an RPG game, where you need to defeat your enemies.
The game is very played around the world. Make your team stronger and use all power-ups to beat your opponents. Use Ki Spheres to become the best in the match, to defeat the boss and all characters. But for these, you need more time to play. Select the Dragon ball z characters to make the best team. You never see the best version of the popular DBZ. This game is really good.

The game is available on all mobile platforms: Android and iOS to. Is created by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. is an action game RPG genre.

Instruction, tips, and guidance for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game

First, want to talk about Dragon Stone, is necessary to save the Dragon Stone. Dragon Stone is really valuable items for This game. This is really hard to collect. You receive some stones every time when you finish a reward. Another method is log in reward. But if you spend all these precious stones need to spend money to have. And what we want to say is not cheap! This game items are really hard to collect and are very expensive. And you need Dragon Stone upper levels in the game. If your stamina is off, or you are defeat in a duel don’t use Dragon Stone to pass all of this. Training more and up your characters when you can pass. Why do we say to don’t use this precious item when you don’t have the stamina? Because stamina is up 1 point at 5 minutes. Just wait few minutes and battle again.

Keep your eyes on your characters. See what opponents have in the next fight and choose the best characters to defeat him. Every time for an example of you battle a boss enemies need to choose the correct team to defeat him. Select the best attributes persons and pass all your opponents.

Ki Spheres is not had damage output of a target. For example, if your character collects red spheres to attack for example an orange character, the attack will be blocked because finally, your personality type becomes weak against enemies. Ki Spheres help to up Ki Meter, and in finally to get a Super Attack once filled. If you hit an enemy that’s weak against your style, this will even cause devastating damage.

Collect 7 Dragon Balls

In the end, when you’ve collected all the 7 Dragon Balls firstly, you’ll be given options for your wish. We recommend for the first time to select: “I Want More Allies” to receive 10 Dragon Stones, increases character slots by 10. This is helpful for you if you’re a new player.


After you collect 50 Dragon Balls you can do a Multi-Summon. You can wait some time because gives a limited period time where there is extended display rate for Multi-Summons or central summons utilizing Dragon Stones. If you wait for all of these offers, you have a bigger chance of appearing a much better SSR card. 

Link Skills 
To get the most out of your team charactes, consider growing the team with many members that can link with each other. This significantly improves your damage almost every turn.

Login Bonus Daily! 
If you don’t have time to play the game, make sure you log in every day to get your Daily Rewards. This is really important if you are a startup. Logging in more consecutively day you can win a Chain Login Bonus which leads to better rewards, including free Dragon Stones.

Character Events 
View for Events that give out gratis Rs or SRs. Some of them will just demand you to finish the stages, although of Difficulty. These cases are usually limited so make sure to verify the event circumstances to know the terms and condition and duration of the events. 

 Daily Events 
Every day the game have a different Daily . These Events have many rewards. You can farm much-needed Awakening items, Zeni, and Training items from daily events.

Feed Z-Awakened Normals 
Level 20 is the max level when a character can take and this is happening so fast. After the max level is obtained you can Z-Awaken them to raise their rarity. R. A max level Normal gives you around 3,180 EXP compared to a Z-awakened normal (Turned R) that gives a lot of experience around 44,670 EXP. If the Z-awakened fodder is fed to a character to say, with the corresponding color, that character receives a 50% EXP reward.